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Did you know that EdPuzzle quietly launched their Google Classroom integration?

Google Classroom is your one-stop shop for creating, distributing, collecting and grading assignments. EdPuzzle is a video based instruction platform that lets you choose videos from anywhere (YouTube, National Geographic, etc) and embed questions, polls, or open responses into the videos the integration enables these two powerful tools for student engagement and learning to work together!

How to:

1. Create your classes in Google Classroom and have students join your classroom.

2. Create an EdPuzzle account with the SAME email you have your Google Classrooms set up under. (Make sure you use a Google account email for both 1 & 2).

3. Log into EdPuzzle and click "Import From Google Classroom"

4. Select the classes you would like to use the integration for.

5. Now whenever you create a video assignment in EdPuzzle you will have the option to assign to your Google Classrooms, and also post them on Google Classroom. (Also note, you can prevent students from skipping through videos!)

The Why:

This is an incredible way to make videos engaging and interactive for students. It's also an awesome tool for anyone who flips their classroom...this way students are watching your videos on their own time and interacting with them! The teacher portal also gives you detailed reports of student time spent on videos, answers, correct or incorrect multiple choice, and all reports can be exported to the program of your choice!

Thanks for reading! I hope your try out EdPuzzle & Google Classroom!



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