ISTE Certification: Module 3, Week 1, Assignment 1: Digital Artifact

ISTE Certification: Module 3, Week 1, Assignment 1: Digital Artifact 

My tool that I choose to highlight here for this digital artifact creation assignment is Edpuzzle! Edpuzzle is a video based instruction tool that is free and integrates with Google Classroom. It enables teachers to easily create Blended or Flipped learning experiences for students. 

How would you model this to colleagues? I would share this with my colleagues through a blog post on Blogger. See link here. 

How would you investigate the tool with students? I would investigate the tool collaboratively with students by giving them an exploration day in pairs.  I would give them a guiding question and them put a timer up and give them time to explore and learn the tool. If I planned to employ the tool on a regular basis I would also use a badging system to badge my Edpuzzle Experts, and other students would go to them or assistance in the future. 

How would you use this tool to promote empowered student learning? This tool promotes empowered learners because it gives students the ability to engage with flipped lessons in a meaningful way. First of all they have the power of pause in the video, and secondly, they can interact with other students throughout the video by answering polls and short answer question. In addition, students who are badged can exercise leadership skills in the classroom on a regular basis. 

Transformative Effect: This can transform the workflow of a flipped or blended classroom by giving teachers and students a Google Classroom integrated video based lesson delivery system that is easy to interact with. Teachers can collect student data (answers from questions, polls) from home while students interact with flipped classroom videos, which leaving more time in the classroom for assistance, reteach and collaboration.

ISTE Standards: This tool can help meet many ISTE student standards depending on how the tool is employed, but most specifically Empowered Learner and Creative Communicator.  It gives students power to access learning materials from anywhere and use them in a way that fits that student the best (pausing to take notes, rewinding for repetition, and gives them many digital communication and collaboration options( with discussions questions in EdPuzzle, teachers can also link to outside discussion boards within the video). 


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